Our School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program

At Walkley Heights Child Care Centre our education philosophy identifies our commitment to providing the highest quality learning.

1- Creative Skills

This part of the program is where your child will be encouraged to share and discover their creative talents. Weather that be drawing, dancing, singing or acting. It is an important part of our curriculum as children are learning to express themselves and begin to think on their own. Creative includes, dancing, acting, singing and visual arts (painting etc.). At Walkley Heights Child Care Centre we believe The Arts gives your child another form of communication and a way for them to express themselves. Studies have shown that many children can grasp numeracy and literacy skills better through the arts. The Arts also offers your child a form of emotional release and is fun. At Walkley Heights Child Care Centre we provide dance programs as well as planned and spontaneous visual arts experiences.

Creative Skills include:

  • Exploring expressive, artistic and creative abilities.
  • Learning through art, music and movement.
  • 2-Community & Cultural

    Understanding the word is an important part of development for your child.At Walkley Heights Child Care Centre we believe that having knowledge of the world and how their actions impact their environment will assist them to be caring and nurturing towards their environment and aware of others. Using external resources like Alpha Tykes we engage your child in language lessons, challenging their cognitive skills. Our event calendar throughout the year celebrates, acknowledges and encourages a range of mixed cultural events.

    Community & Culture Skills include:

  • Having and showing respect for the environment
  • Having respect for diversity
  • Feeling a part of a cultural group and community
  • 3-Thinking Skills

    The jobs your children will be applying for in 20 years’ time might not exist today.

    This makes teaching our children a challenge; however, we can teach and encourage them to be great thinkers and learners, truly giving them the best start to their future.

    The thinking skills component for Education for Life offers a structured approach to your child’s cognitive and intellectual development.

    We use intentional teaching times to hold meaningful learning experiences, we use purposeful materials such as puzzles, Lego, concentration and memory exercises.