Jumping Frogs Toddlers

Jumping Frogs Toddlers

The Toddler children are also known as the “Jumping Frogs” and are aged from 2 years to 3 ½ years. When we reach around 3 ½ we graduate to the Busy Bee room. (Kindy Room) . In the Toddler Room one of our focuses is toileting, please feel free to discuss any concerns with us. It would assist us if you bring in at least 4-5 changes of clothes remember to includes jocks, knickers and socks as well incase of accidents. We don’t really recommend pull ups for child care as they give the same feeling as a nappy. A poster is displayed in the room & handouts are available.

Benifits for Children

Emphasis on socialization
Encouraged to be part of the large community
Encouraged to develop their mind and body
Encouraged to develop a positive self image and autonomy

Labeling everything is so important to avoid lost property. Toys from home should stay at home and not brought to child care in case of them getting broken or lost(exception if it’s a must have for sleep) We also encourage sun smart protection- appropriate hats (bucket, legionaries or wide brim), appropriate clothing (tops with sleeves) and sunscreen applied regularly through the day.

We ask you to bring a drink Bottle, to assist children in self help skills . Please do not put juice, milk or cordial as it attract ants. Remember to take it home in the afternoon.

Displayed in our room are our daily charts and information boards which consists of “what we did for the day” and photos of the staff rostered on for the day.

Staffing in the room is consistent, but because we are open 12 hours a day over the week you may see a few faces, staff profiles appear in our newsletters so they will give you more information about each of us..

We all enjoy our work very much as it is very rewarding, we would love to hear feedback from parents. We have a suggestion box located on top of our lockers along with paper and pens for you to write comments or suggestions.

Please feel free to talk to us at anytime concerning any matters important to you. We hope you enjoy your time in the Jumping Frog Room.

Kirsty – Toddler Room Team Leader / Teacher