Your Childrens Education

Statement Of Philosophy

At our centre we believe each child has the right to reach their full potential. We believe it is our duty to provide a safe, nurturing and warm environment that both encourages and stimulates their growth and development.

We acknowledge that learning is a life-long process and therefore make a commitment to ongoing professional development. We understand the importance of reflective practices in our role working alongside children. We will play and work with children to discover new ideas whilst engaging in active research to better provide opportunities for fostering learning and development.

We acknowledge the diversities of our families within our centre in their language, cultural and belief systems. We must be respectful of each other’s differences, rights and beliefs. Our programming and anti-bias education programs are reflective of this, whilst also fostering development and a strong sense of self esteem.

We believe that children are confident, competent and resourceful learners whom are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them. We aim to build relationships that support children to:

Develop a strong sense of identity, belonging, becoming and positive well being.

  • See themselves as constructive contributors to the community.
  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful individuals.
  • Learn to be respectful and empathetic members of the community.
  • Be respectful of the environment and to acknowledge the importance of developing environmentally sustainable practices by participating in recycling and wise water usage.
  • Have fun!
  • We believe that play is an integral part of learning. Children are provided with individual learning experiences that are based on their developmental needs, and opportunities to lean and explore their world in both small and large group experiences.

    We believe that our centre is an extension of the family unit; therefore it is our role to support the parents and guardians of the children whom are in our care. We encourage family involvement within our centre and endevour to work alongside them in assisting all children to reach their full potential.

    We recognise the importance of communication and collaboration between families and educators. In order to achieve the above we must form positive relationships and strong partnerships between children, parents, staff, management and the wider community. To this end we encourage all facets to be active participators in the centre’s philosophy, policies and procedures.